Thursday, November 17, 2011

Passion in me

have lots of passion
since i cant make any firm decision 
so i wish
to be~

more demure lady
with sewing, make up and cooking skills
but then i need
tools, class, and spirit

so i got myself a n old mother's sewing machine
but unfortunately
father took away it paddle :(
need new one
if it's a singer brand will be easier
but it's acme!!
who cares to sold those acmes anymore

in my wishlist now!!

how about make up??
an appointment with my SEMSAS senior will do
when can we meet up sis?? :D

cooking is on undergoing process
momentarily AFC and TLC is my favorite channel
not to mention in love with MasterChef US, Australia and Malaysia
also E&O Search for AFC's next celebrity chef
Chef Wan, Jamie Oliver, Bruce Lim
if u all could be my sifu =.=

if i could fulfill my own passion so maybe it will make me a MasterSkill lady :p
envy with those skillful people 
especially HER !!

p/s ~ passion ke verangan ni?? but i do believe in skills:) 


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komen, jangan tak komen :D

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