Sunday, January 17, 2010

hepi bornday 2 me!!

17th January..
it' my bornday..
born from my moms womb..
today i turn 23..
without fail i'm growing up..

dh ade beberapa org yg wish..
d fb..
thanx to redzuan zol,adli,my bestie fye chan,najib MTM..
my little murni..(not so little kot..hehe)
n liez..
my sweet adik lan..
thanx a lot for the bday song n Allah Selamatkan Kamu songs..
nice sgt..

malam2 cmni kan..
even juz a few yg wish..
but it touch my heart..
know i'm knocking the keyboard wit tears..
i dunno its coz of joy or hepi..
but i feel like crying..

it takes to much pain to get further in life..
i hope i can continue my life journey..
i hope i'll be bless alwiz..
i got so much external pain..
that i can't share..
everybody have their life secret..
me too..

so,hepi bornday to me..

a lil song 4 me=)

hepi bday 2 me..
hepi bday 2 me..
hepi bday 2 fadhilah syuhada..
hepi bday 2 me..

i'm in tears~

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